A majority of research activities within the group currently involves the application of hyperspectral imaging to a wide range of diagnostic problems. Hyperspectral imaging combines high spatial and spectral resolution into one modality, giving images with full spectral resolution in every pixel. This makes it a promising tool for tissue spectroscopy and optical characterization, where both spectral and spatial information can contribute to deep, non-invasive knowledge of imaged tissue. The group has two hyperspectral cameras, HySpex VNIR-1600 (visible - near infra-red range) and HySpex SWIR-320i (short-wave infrared range).

Applications include characterization of the wound healing process, detection of arthritis, characterization of bruises (see list of publications for more).

Applicability of these techniques in the clinic requires fast and reliable tools for data processing. One of the goals is to obtain diagnostic parameters instantaneously during a patient scan. Some software implementations are available for noise removal and estimation of skin properties.

The group is participating in the EU projects IACOBUS and SEMEOTICONS.